Call Tell provides an end to end powerful Cloud Based call center and marketing solutions for your business.

SIP Terminiation

Call Tell has always been a safe haven for termination traffic that is considered “short duration” or “high density”

Cloud Dialers

Call Tell offers both Perdictive and Automated dialers for your call center.

Political Dialing

CallTelll offers telemarketing services to Political Party elected officials, candidates and causes. Our services include live operator phone banks, automated call broadcasts

SMS Messaging

Improve your profitability and grow your business. Invest in the Call Tell Messaging Platform .


Call Tell boasts nearly a decade of industry experience in engineering custom SIP switches. We have built our own custom, high-capacity SIP routing cluster specifically tailored for high volume calls per second. Call Tell has also engineered end to end Call Center, Dialer, and SMS Marketing Solutions for your business.

Our services include:
  • Short Duration Termination
  • Long Duration Termination
  • LRN Query Service
  • SMS Messaging


  • Dayana Haynes

    The thing we like most about Call Tell and having a cloud solution is the mobility. It allows us the autonomy to make changes quickly, create new campaigns immediately, change dialing rules within seconds, and customize reporting.

    — Dayana Haynes
  • Michael

    We’ve been a Call Tell customer for a long time and I’m happy to say that Call Tell has always provided us with the tools and capabilities we’ve needed to provide solutions to our clients.


    — Michael

  • Paul Jackson

    With Call Tell, I don’t worry about the telephony side of our business. We have full, feature-rich capabilities, and we can scale on a moment’s notice. That’s just the situation you want to be in.

    — Paul Jackson